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689 Quincy Street is a brand-new eight-residence condominium among the brownstones and tranquil greenery of Quincy Street. In response to the pandemic, which was at its peak when the building was being designed, the plans were adjusted midway through the process. The design had to be modified to fit the new life we were starting to get used to. 

As part of the renovation, the college cafeteria, which previously occupied a corner of the lobby, moved up to the previously deserted upper floor.

 The layout of this floor was anything but ordinary — sort of a narrow donut shape, complete with a hole in the middle. It felt like one big corridor that didn't lead anywhere. As if that wasn't enough, there was also a raised concrete step that skirted the entire indoor length of the outer wall. It got worse from there — when we examined the plans, we saw that every few feet, there were (diagonal!) iron supports in the wall that resisted any simple solution.

This is 1269 Dekalb, a contemporary boutique condominium in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn. I had to adopt an innovative approach to make sure all of the needs of the target demographic – young professionals – were met within the small available space, while at the same time achieving a stylish and contemporary design.


The visual world was always part of my identity.


I have been engaged in art and creative processes ever since I can remember--it has always had a greater appeal to me than anything else. I draw and weave, I use my hands to create things using any available medium. I draw inspiration from everything around me, whether it’s considered “ugly” or beautiful.


My interior design is inspired by the passion I have always had for puzzles and problem-solving and my search for structure and organization as much as by my passion for beauty and aesthetics.

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