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The Process 

Private Houses

Working directly with a family or an individual raises a different set of needs and challenges that are no less complex and multifaceted.


The creativity required to build and renovate private homes opens up entirely new channels of possibility, making the sky the limit.


With you, private customers, the process is much more personal and individually tailored.


It is only by understanding your personality and your domestic routine and habits that we can work together to create the perfect result.

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In the introductory meeting, we will discuss all the details and information about the property and your plans for it. This is your opportunity to tell me everything I need to know to create your dream home. After this meeting, I will send you a quote for my services.

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Getting into Details 

As with the space solutions, I ensure the design language and color palettes are personalized to your taste, giving you a house that feels like home from the very beginning. 

I put all of these designs into 3D software, so you can get a true sense of how the finished space will look like.

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You will receive a questionnaire, in which you will be asked to fill out questions regarding the amount of storage space needed, your favorite color palettes, and whether you have any special or unique collections that need a place of their own. This kind of detailed information helps me to find the ideal solutions to match your individual needs.

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Tiling, kitchens, plumbing fixtures, and furniture are all managed directly with the suppliers, taking into account the pre-agreed budget for the project.

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Layout & Plans

Based on your answers to the questionnaire, I will then start working on the plans and layout, adapting the floor plan to meet your needs while taking into consideration the budget and any structural restrictions.


Once the pieces of the puzzle have been put into place, we can start bringing your vision to life!

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The "Design Book"

All of the details, quotes and plans are then integrated into a design book. This contains all the information the contractor and the people carrying out the work need to complete the project—from a general overview down to individual door handles and light fixtures—ensuring that the outcome aligns with the initial vision and meets the highest standards of quality.

The Fieldwork

I oversee every stage of the project’s implementation, ensuring the contractors and suppliers work in accordance with the plans and the design.

Should unexpected issues arise at any stage in the process, I am able to react in real-time to resolve them and make any necessary changes.

I know every inch of the house I design down to the last detail. This attention to detail is critical for ensuring a professional and high-quality result. I specialize in planning, adapting and implementing everything alongside the customers, contractors and suppliers.

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