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1249 Dekalb Ave 

New Construction-

6 units,

5 stories Building

Bushwick, Brooklyn, New york


1249 Dekalb Avenue is Bushwick's prime location, a boutique condominium that blends clean and minimalistic design with functionality.


The size of the apartments was the biggest challenge here – creative thinking and processes were required to ensure it was suitable for the target demographic of educated young professionals.​ Maximizing the space was a top priority, with adjustable track lighting I provided versatility and flexibility for the space so the buyers have the opportunity to use it as they need.


The units reflect the convenience and luxury of modern-day living. I opted for simple, clean lines and well-placed rectangular shapes to create a sense of balance and order that is further enhanced by the minimalist color combinations. The concept behind the design is to create a space where everything you see and touch works in perfect harmony.


Every detail has been carefully considered: floor-to-ceiling windows ensure an abundance of natural light, while elegant oak floors throughout enhance the warm tones of the space. The apartments were kept simple and elegant, with occasional splashes of color to add a youthful, vibrant touch.




1ST Floor Apartment 

2ND Floor Apartment