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1269 Dekalb Ave

This is 1269 Dekalb, a contemporary boutique condominium in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn. I had to adopt an innovative approach to make sure all of the needs of the target demographic – young professionals – were met within the small available space, while at the same time achieving a stylish and contemporary design.

This project was a personal favorite of mine – the units have the look and feel of high-end, exclusive apartments despite being designed on a limited budget and with significant time constraints. There was also a need to ensure it wasn't too similar to its neighbor (Dekalb 1249) because appealed to the same target audience. Both buildings have a harmonious effect while still retaining their own unique vibe and appeal.

To distinguish 1269 Dekalb from 1249, I opted for a Nordic color palette, centering light wood hues, and black. The clean lines of the contemporary décor are interrupted by splashes of copper color to appeal to the creative community of Bushwick. The color scheme kept the apartment simple and elegant with touches of youth. There was also plenty of outdoor space, with residents having access to their own private gardens, in addition to shared terraces on the first floor and the rooftop deck for the people seeking a sense of community.

New Construction-10 units,

5 stories Building

Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York





2ND Floor Duplex 

1ST Floor Apartment 

2ND & 3RD FloorS Apartments

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