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The visual world was always part of my identity.


I have been engaged in art and creative processes ever since I can remember -- it has always had a greater appeal to me than anything else. I draw and weave, I use my hands to create things using any available medium. I draw inspiration from everything around me, whether it’s considered “ugly” or beautiful.


My interior design is inspired by the passion I have always had for puzzles and problem-solving and my search for structure and organization as much as by my passion for beauty and aesthetics.


When I approach a new project, I start off with an empty space--a blank slate--and from there I begin to visualize the solutions. The layout of the space and the restrictions it imposes become a puzzle for me to solve, and the more challenging the picture, the more my creative side comes to the fore.


There is no greater joy and satisfaction than finding a solution that is both comfortable as well as aesthetically pleasing and that meets and exceeds expectations.


Hello, my name is Shiran Sapir -- graphic designer, interior designer, creator, and puzzle fanatic.


I am a graduate of the Visual Communications Department at the WIZO Academy of Haifa and a graduate of the full DESIGN.KON course in interior design.


I adapt the skills that I acquired during my studies and apply them in creating harmonious spaces with balanced color palettes and a visually aesthetic approach that integrates function and comfort, all tailored to the individual needs of the client.



It all began with a small logo.


A real estate company came to me regarding a rebranding.


We worked hard to shape a new brand language, logo and color scheme for them. Just when I thought the project was coming to a conclusion, they moved to new offices and asked me to integrate the new branding in the large interior space they were about to enter.


As the fearless young person I was, I jumped on the opportunity, despite never having done such projects before.


I worked day and night, learning everything I could about interior design, how to divide up a space, ergonomics and even a 3D modelling program that would bring to life the ideas that were flooding my mind.


When the newly-designed offices were finished, I remember standing at the door and marvelling at the fact that this was my creation, the fruit of ideas that had started out in my head, that now surrounded me and served so many people.


When the real estate company in question asked me to work on interior design projects for them, I agreed without hesitation. I knew that I had to feel that same sense of fulfillment again and again.


Those projects represented my first steps into the world of interior design—and they inspired me to learn and expand my horizons through courses and seminars delivered by some of the leading figures in the industry. It was the start of a long and ongoing relationship with condo design for new builds, contractors and suppliers and an abiding passion for a profession that I had no idea resided within me.

Just for you to see how I really look like..

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