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689 Quincy St

689 Quincy Street is a brand-new eight-residence condominium among the brownstones and tranquil greenery of Quincy Street, and if I had to choose a favorite child among all my projects, this would be one of them! Trends and preferences in design tend to drift gradually over time, shifting between color palettes, materials, allocation of space, and target demographics. It's almost vanishingly rare for everything to suddenly be upended halfway through the process, forcing you to rethink everything. Yet that was exactly what happened here.


Initially conceived as an identical twin to 803 Quincy, the design book for this building had already been approved when the pandemic struck in 2020. Overnight, the priorities of this building's target audience – 30-35-year-old career-driven people with one child at most – changed. They suddenly needed space to work from home, access to outdoor spaces even during the toughest of lockdowns, and a home environment that provided physical and psychological comfort 24/7, not just at evenings and weekends. Out went the two very small bedrooms and in came a large bedroom and a small home office, something very rare in units of this size, to ensure both partners in the house had a quiet place to work, video chat with clients, and manage their time. A shared rooftop was added to offer welcome breathing space and outdoor access at all times, for when residents could feel the walls closing in.


Inside the units, I emphasized a seamless blend of unique textures and styles paired with tasteful neutral colors that work in harmony. Illuminated by south-facing windows, the spacious living rooms ensure an uninterrupted transition between the living and dining spaces. I designed two types of kitchens for the apartments – one larger, with tall cabinetry and ample storage space, and the other more streamlined – to meet the needs of a range of target audiences. Both are finished with complementary tones and materials to create warm, contemporary spaces.

New Construction-8 units,

6 stories Building

Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New york





Front apartments

Rear apartments

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