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766 Decatur St


New Construction-10 units,

6 stories  Building


Ocean Hill, Brooklyn, New york

766 Decatur Street is situated in a prime location in Ocean Hill, at the crossroads of Bushwick and Stuyvesant Heights. The target audience for the apartments in this building was young professionals, without children and with "traditional" aesthetic
preferences. That meant a contemporary design that remained faithful to the unique vibe of the surrounding neighborhood, with modern simplicity and functionality at the heart of the design process.


The biggest challenge for this building was the small size of the apartments. This meant making difficult decisions and prioritizing at every stage. For example, a relatively large island (relative to the proportions of the apartment) offering additional storage space
underneath was chosen in place of a dining table. Living space was sacrificed in favor of maximizing storage space elsewhere too, on the recommendations of the estate agents who are highly familiar with the local market.




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