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The Process 


It all begins with the architect’s floor plans for a new building. These will usually be adjusted and reworked together with the architect to ensure they meet the needs of the target audience.


Each building has a different target audience depending on the area in which it is intended to be built and the population that tends to purchase properties in that area. A building that is designed for an area with young professionals will not be designed and planned the same way as a building for young families.

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Demographic Survey 

I carry out the demographic survey in collaboration with estate agents who have an in-depth knowledge of the area.

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Getting into Details 

I hand-pick and plan each and every fixture, fitting, and object in the apartment, all with the potential end buyer in mind.

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Layout & Plans

After the layouts have been adjusted and adapted in accordance with the demographic survey and the regulations set out in the law, the design process can begin.

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Tiling, kitchens, plumbing fixtures, and even furniture are all managed directly with the suppliers, taking into account the pre-agreed budget for the project.

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Total Look Concept

Every building is given an overarching concept, which moves from the outside in. The color palette is kept consistent for the entire building—from the lobby to the bathrooms in each individual apartment.

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The "Design Book"

All of the details, quotes and plans are then integrated into a design book. This contains all the information the contractor and the people carrying out the work need to complete the project—from a general overview down to individual door handles and light fixtures—ensuring that the outcome aligns with the initial vision and meets the highest standards of quality.

This creates a harmonious process that accompanies the customer from the moment they step into the lobby of the building and until they finish their tour of the apartment they are interested in purchasing.

The Fieldwork

I oversee every stage of the project’s implementation, ensuring the contractors and suppliers work in accordance with the plans and the design.

Should unexpected issues arise at any stage in the process, I am able to react in real time to resolve them and make any necessary changes.

I know every inch of every building I design down to the last detail. This attention to detail is critical for ensuring a professional and high-quality result. I specialize in planning, adapting, and implementing everything alongside the customers, contractors, and suppliers.

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