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TEFEN - High School

As an interior designer, I am used to being responsible for every part of my projects – from floor to ceiling and wall to wall and everything in between. This project was a breath of fresh air. First of all, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the incredibly talented Limor Porat Azoulay of Studio Inbetween. Having someone to work with, bounce ideas off and learn from elevated the process and the result. I was also able to really lean into my background in graphic design in a way that I rarely get to. Not to mention that it was a pleasure to work on a project with real social impact. I thoroughly enjoyed this project and threw myself into it, and I hope that comes across in the finished product!

Tefen High School is a school for at-risk youth, and the concept behind it is to create a space for non-conventional learning, to reach any and every young person who was unable to find their place in the conventional education system. The brief was to create a school with an intimate, homely environment that is conducive to collaboration and connection – it needed to be relaxing yet at the same time inspire the students to innovate, learn and develop new skills.

The design concept Limor came up with was all about DNA, to represent the school's desire to find and nurture the individual talents that make each of the students unique – their own DNA. The familiar double-helix pattern that I designed for the walls throughout the building also represents the school's values of continuous development. In addition to this overarching concept, each class received its own "mini-concept", which was reflected both in an "explosion" of the DNA pattern on the wall next to the classroom as well as within the room itself.

Graphic Design project

Industry Area - Tefen







Entrance  & Common Area Ground Floor 

Class Rooms & Common Area 2ND Floor

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