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ATID - Siemens Lab

The former control and automation laboratory at ATID Haifa College was the first to undergo a thorough renovation as part of a comprehensive project to inject new life into the entire college building.

I was delighted to be invited to participate in this project by Limor (from Studio "InBetween"), from coming up with a broad concept to the smallest details on the walls.

We took our inspiration from the worlds of the laboratory itself and added a youthful and innovative design twist. Every element has been meticulously planned and designed to fit the pedagogical and practical needs of the laboratory software. Intelligent systems, safety, electricity, communication, air conditioning, lighting, and more were all implemented as part of a holistic and integrated design.

This was the first stage in the college renovation project and the results have filled us with so much drive and energy for the renovations to come.

Planning and interior design: Collaboration with Studio "InBetween"
Architectural photography: Einat Dekel
Executive contractor: Guy Arzi

Full Renovation of ATID College 










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