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ATID - Lobby Area

Sometimes when starting a new project, you visit the site pre-renovation and your imagination has to work overtime to identify its potential and to find ways to unlock it. This was certainly the case with the lobby of ATID College. When we initially took up the project, this was the college's cafeteria.

The challenge here was to convert this dark, uninviting space, with a lack of coherent design, into a showpiece space capable of making a powerful first impression on potential students and of lifting the mood of students already at the college on their way to start the day.

The key, as it so often is, is open space and light.  The side of the building overlooking the car park? Perfect for a new main entrance, with glass sliding doors to illuminate and 'expand' the space. The previous uninspired open-plan design? Far more effective with glass-paneled consulting rooms, a reception, and spacious waiting areas, all with a positive and welcoming feel. Graphic elements on the walls that reflected the client's vision and branding, and built-in planters to add a homely green feel to the space. The possibilities were endless!

Planning and interior design: Collaboration with Studio "InBetween"
Architectural photography: Yoav Peled
Executive contractor: Guy Arzi

Full Renovation of ATID College 









Waiting Area

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