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299 Van Buren St

299 Van Buren Street boasts a collection of 10 new units on a tree-lined block in Bedford Stuyvesant. As the target audience was young families, there was an emphasis on the kitchen as the "heartbeat" of the apartment, meaning I gave it extra space for food preparation and family time.

I actually came into this project halfway through, picking up from where a previous designer had already started to work. Interior design is not necessarily a team sport, so having to continue and to build on someone else's initial vision was an interesting challenge. It threw new obstacles in my path but also gave me new insights and ideas which I might not otherwise have achieved. The program also saw an unusually high turnover of construction and fitting staff, which meant I had to stay on my toes and on top of every aspect of the progress, even more than I otherwise would.


I put a lot of thought into the layouts and contemporary-industrial designs to ensure they combine functionality with all the luxuries of modern-day living. All areas of the building were carefully designed to remain on the theme.

New Construction-10 units,

5 stories Building

Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York





2ND Floor Duplex 

2ND - 4TH  Floors Apartments