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1160 Greene Ave 

The brief for 1160 Greene Street called for boutique, ultra-modern units in keeping with the vibe of the bustling and trendy neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn. It is a collection of one and two-bedroom, open floor plans with a range of private outdoor options. To enhance the sense of luxury and modernity, we used wide-plank hardwood flooring and oversized Pella double-pane windows, as well as custom-made kitchen cabinets and black slate countertops, and custom tiling.


The challenge with this brief is immediately obvious from a cursory glance at the images: the building is long and narrow, making it difficult to squeeze in everything that we initially planned to include. I worked around this by shifting the balance of the apartments toward the kitchen, with everything, including a coatrack by the entrance and a washing machine/dryer combo fitting into custom-designed cabinetry in the kitchen, retaining the sense of space and clean design of the apartment without compromising the quality of life of the residents.

New Construction-7 units,

6 stories Building

Bushwick, Brooklyn, New york





Front apartments

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